Volume 10 – Number 4

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A cross-cultural and change management perspective on mergers & acquisitions
Alejandro Flores, Kerstin Bremser

Decision Support System in Senior High School Student Specialization Using Weighted Product Method
Subiyanto, Nurul Fartindyyah

The need to improve the educational process in high education institutions in the Republic of Macedonia by applying management methods and techniques
Elizabeta Mitreva, Nako Taskov, Julijana Sazdova, Hristijan Gjorshevski

A study on language tourism. Spain and Germany
Maria Isabel Castillo Arredondo, Maria Isabel Rodriguez Zapatero, Tomas Lopez-Guzman

Blogs and Its Influential Effects on Foreign Language Writing Proficiency
Elham Kavandi

Hybridized Scenario of M-Learning
Syed Faizan Haider, Daniyal Alghazzawi, Naif AlJohani

Assessment of the energy efficiency practices in the hotel industry
Vlatko Cingoski, Biljana Petrevska, Nikola Trajkov

The Effect of Holding In-service Training Courses for Adults on the Performance of Iranian Elementary Schools’ Principals
Faranak Omidian

Study on Assessing ABET Student Learning Outcomes and Courses Learning Outcomes By Selected Courses and All Related Courses Techniques Using CLOSO Software in Civil Engineering Program – Najran University
Ahmad Salah Edeen Nassef, Mohammed A. Dahim

Entrepreneurial transformation in the Middle East: Experiences from Tehran Universities
Guerrero Maribel, Urbano David, Salamzadeh Aidin

Nutritive Business Models of Consumer Behavior when Purchasing Foodstuffs
Sasko Martinovski, Rozita Spirovska Vaskoska