Volume 10 – Number 2

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Comparison of the Experimental and Theoretical Critical Buckling Force at the Rod of a Defined Shape

Stanislav Kotsmid, Marian Minarik, Pavel Beno

Effects of Permanent Magnets on Torque and Power Density of Spherical Motors

Ilhan Tarimer, Adem Dalcali

Testing of dust explosion characteristics of brown coal at reduced oxygen content

Jelena Markovic, Rijad Sisic, Safer Demirovic

Architectural affairs in France

Radislav Misic, Danilo S. Furundzic

Soft Lithography: Part 2: Tailored Polymer Cholesteric Liquid Crystalline Particles

Anka Trajkovska Petkoska

Investigation of possible borrow pits of building stone for rehabilitation of the Aladza mosque in Foca

Nedjo Djuric, Milan Perisic, Dijana Djuric

The cantilever in the Macedonian national architecture-aspects of the function, construction and materials for its application

Gjorgji Dimkov, Dimitar Papasterevski, Aleksandar Petrovski

How social networks affect the learning performance among engineering students

Kristijan Breznik, Kris Law

MLTAM: technology acceptance model for mobile learning

Zhenhua Yang, Jihui Shi, Changsen Zhang

Differences in balance between combat sports assessed by BBS

Kapo Safet, Nedim Covic, Husnija Kajmovic, Anida Kapo

Framework for 21st century chemistry instruction: A guide to teaching and learning of Qualitative Analysis

Lay Ah-Nam, Kamisah Osman

Effects of proprioceptive and strength training on improving precision in student population

Dzenana Imamovic, Safet Kapo, Gordana Manic, Nedim Covic

Cooperative learning in teaching

Amina Delic-Zimic, Muamer Tinjak, Indira Guso

Participants academic distance education – Case study

Barbara Kołodziejczak, Magdalena Roszak, Wojciech Kowalewski, Anna Ren-Kurc, Andrzej Breborowicz

The instruments of financial markets – review of options

Mehmed Avdagic, Maja Radic, Slobodan Devic, Aleksandra Pusara, Dzevada Avdagic

The role of financial capital in the development of small and medium enterprises

Becir Kalac, Suad Becirovic, Ibro Skenderovic

Impact of top managers’ leadership on occupational health and safety

Mirko Markic, Igor Kolenc, Vesna Nikolic, Silvana Markic Hrast, Maja Mesko

Correlation between sickness absence, job satisfaction, emotional exhaustion and fluctuation

Jernej Buzeti, Maja Klun, Lan Umek, Janez Stare

A methodology to select the price criterion in public procurement

Jose Luis Fuentes-Bargues, Carmen Gonzalez-Cruz, Cristina Gonzalez-Gaya, del Prado Díaz de Mera-Sanchez