Instructions for the authors

Before you start to prepare your paper please read the following checklist:

Papers must be prepared using MS Word

Papers are preferred to be submitted as *email attachments to the email:

Papers must not exceed 12 pages in length

Ensure you sign and send the Registration form

Paper must be prepared using Template

Authors take full responsibility for text authorship as well as copyright permission of any used material.

Preparing the paper for TTEM Journal

First Author, Second Author, Third Author

First affiliation, Address, City, Country,

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In this paper are given the instructions for preparing camera ready paper for the TTEM Journal. The recommended, but not limited text processor is Microsoft Word (docx). Insert an abstract of 150-200 words, giving a brief account of the most relevant aspects of the paper.

It is recommended to use up to 5 keywords. The Keyword should appear on the new line following the last line of the abstract, without a line space, set in Times New Roman 10pt.

Key words: Article, ready paper, TTEM Journal.

Instructions for the authors

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