Volume 10 – Number 3

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Design of experiment on final resin mass fraction in composite

Risteska Svetlana, Trajkovska Petkoska Anka, Stefanovska Maja, Trajkovska Anita, Samakoski Blagoja

Experimental investigation on different faults diagnosis by combining two stator current approaches

Samir Kerfali, Slimane Bouras, Abdelkarim Bouras

Approaches for utility-based QoE/QoS architecture for streaming server in a heterogeneous wireless device based on SVM

A. Haja Alaudeen, E. Kirubakaran, D. Jeya Mala

Restoring compliance between wooden structural elements and remains of medieval fortifications

Amir Causevic, Nerman Rustempasic

Solving the problem of locating remanufacturing facilities in closed-loop supply chain under uncertainty conditions by using a meta-initiative approach

Leila Lotfi, Ali Mohaghar

Performance analysis of transmission of television signals through WDM network based on the proposed algorithm

Darko Vuckovic, Mile Petrovic, Bojan Prlincevic

MDA-based agile software engineering using component-level design patterns

Manouchehr Zadahmad, Parisa Yousefzadeh Fard, Ali Moeini

Statistical analysis of the finite element method in flexible pavement

Abdollah Shayesteh, Elahe Ghasemi Salehabadi, Touba Rostami

Multiple Linear regression model for predicting bidding price

Petrovski Aleksandar, Petruseva Silvana, Zileska Pancovska Valentina

Emotional obstacles and fears influencing the use of Learning Management Systems in Distance Education

Esteban Vazquez-Cano, Maria Luisa Sevillano

Multi-criteria ranking of occupational safety indicators based on AHP: case study

Suzana Savic, Goran Janackovic, Vesna Nikolic

PAD and supervised exercise – connection between major risk factors and PSV and claudication distance

Abel Baltic, Izet Radjo

The geographical analysis of the relationship between sustainable architecture training and urban planning

Seyed Ali Hosseini, Zahra Bidarighmehr, Ali Bagherinia, Amin Erami, Fatemeh Heydari, Hamideh Koochekzadeh, Yaser Gholipoor

Optimizing logistics processes along ten-t corridors by applying fuzzy logic in the decision-making process

Samir Causevic, Drago Ezgeta

Contemporary entrepreneurial approaches to meeting the needs of the labor market – an analysis of the functioning of the experiential knowledge in the Republic of Macedonia and several European countries

Mimoza Serafimova, Zlatko Jakovlev, Cane Koteski