Volume 11 – Number 1

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Broadening INFRARED technology on cotton fabric coloration with double information ability in visual and infrared spectra
Vilko Ziljak, Darko Agic, Rajendrakumar Anayath

Determination probability degree of stability material of Brinell method
Fatih Destovic, Alma Celebic-Malkic

A novel strategic teaching using conceive, design, implement and operate scheme in engineering course
Y. H. Fan, C. T. Lee, C. C. Lee, J. E. Lin

Analyzing the efficiency of the user resources balancing methods
Lidiya Aleksandrovna Makushkina, Marina Viktorovna Fadeeva

Trainees Mean Score of Teamwork Simulation Training Authenticity Is 7.67 out of Ten: 433 Anesthesiology And Reanimation Residents’ Survey Outcomes
Kerem Erkalp, Fatma Yesim Abut, Dilek Kitapcioglu, Gülay Asik Eren, Mehmet Emin Aksoy, Cengiz Yumru, Ulufer Sivrikaya, Emel Kocer Gur, Naile Toprak, Inci Paksoy

Developing reading material model with multicultural contents for elementary schools
Salimudin, Fathur Rokhman, Rustono

Exploring Quantum Perspective in School Leadership: A Review of Effective Principal Leadership in the Changing Nature of School Management
Ikhfan Haris, Afdaliah, Andi Budiman, Khaerul Haris

Identifying the Critical Success Factors (CSF) of the Knowledge-Based Marketing (KBM)
Tayebeh Aeini, Adel Salavati, Kaveh Hasani

Understanding the implications of athlete brand among fans
Ali Hasaan, Katri Kerem, Rui Biscaia, Kwame J.A. Agyemang

The appraisal of self-efficacy feeling in pupils (not) participating in the work of extracurricular and out-of-school activities
Violeta Valjan Vukic

Explaining the Circular Relationship between Four Organizational Variables Using AMOS Software (A Case Study: Employees of Islamic Azad University, Torbat Heydariyeh Branch)
Mehdi Zirak

Analyzing Resistance-Making Methods in Crisis Management of Earthquake (Case Study of Borojenschool)
Bahman Zeynali, Mostafa Khabazi, Hasan Roosta