Volume 4 – Number 2
December 1, 2009
Volume 5 – Number 2
June 1, 2010

Volume 5 – Number 1


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An innovative approach to the condition monitoring of
excavators in open pits mines

Ninoslav Zuber, Hotimir Licen, Rusmir Bajric

Application of new technologies in recontructive approach to stone bridge constructions – Key study: Two ottoman’s bridges in Rogatica

Lemja Chabbouh Aksamija, Lana Kudumovic

Methodology of the integrated geotechnical projecting at the tunneling

Branko Stojkovic, Kemal Gutic, Adnan Ibrahimovic

Investigation of possible resonant problems during beater wheel mill operation

Rusmir Bajric, Viktor Baricak, Sead Delalic, Pasaga Muratovic, Ninoslav Zuber

Education in the digital environment

Branislav Egic, Camil Sukic, Mensura Kudumovic

Optimization of open pit’s depth as a function in differentiation of the transport by trucks and conveyer in an experimental example of open pit “Turija”

Rasim Kovacevic

Stiffness and strenght analysis of corner joint

Izet Horman, Seid Hajdarevic, Sandra Martinovic, Nikola Vukas

Designing and reliability of mine ventilator facilities

Dusko Djukanovic, Jovo Miljanovic, Mirko Ivkovic

Stiffness analysis of the Sarafix external fracture fixation system

Elmedin Mesic, Adil Muminovic, Nedzad Repcic, Mirsad Colic

Investigation of properties and protection against coal dust explosion in underground mines in Serbia

Mirko Ivkovic, Dusko Djukanovic, Jovo Miljanovic

Teaching Project Management to Graduate Students of Electrical Engineering and Computing

Zeljka Car, Kresimir Pripuzic, Hrvoje Belani

Levels of Gamma Radiation Dose Rate and Radon Activity Concentration in Air at Niska Banja

Biljana Vuckovic, Feriz Adrovic, Mijat Milosavljevic

The Role of Design and Development Process in Integration of Management Systems

Nedeljko Zivkovic, Ivana Mijatovic, Ivan Janicijevic, Mensura Kudumovic

Production performances in agriculture of the Western Balkan countries in the transition process

Stanislav Zekic, Koviljko Lovre, Milivoj Gajic

Customer relationship management concept modelling as function of quality improvement

Dejan Stojkovic, Dejan Djordjevic, Marko Vasiljevic

Techno economical analysis for usage justification of combined relative to continuod transport

A. Brigic, A Softic, R. Kovacevic, E. Lacic, Dz. Kudumovic

Overview of retail financial market in Vojvodina – multivariate approach

Carisa Besic, Mirko Savic, Zvonko Sajfert, Milan Nikolic

Influence of raw coal grinding to technical water refinement (purification) in the Coal Mine “Banovici”

Nedzad Alic, Salko Gutic, Admir Softic

Education of skilled workers – the concurrence factor in textile and clothing industry

Snezana Urosevic, Dejan Djordjevic, Carisa Besic

Work Values in an Iranian Context

Mehran Nejati, Yashar Salamzadeh, Fateme Sharafi Farzad

Quantum Computers And Hybrid Solutions

Enes Sukic

Motivation of users – how important and what is its impact on distance learning

Marjana Pardanjac, Dragica Radosav, Snezana Jokic

Benefits from implemented quality management system – the research in Serbian economy

Dejan Djordjevic, Dragan Cockalo, Carisa Besic, Zvonko Sajfert

Human computer interaction model in educational software

Dijana Karuovic, Dragica Radosav

Experimental research and defining of the optimum bit blade sharpening angle for drilling rocks and ores

Ljubinko Savic, Ivica Ristovic, Slobodan Trajkovic, Ljiljana Savic

Micro alloyed steels weldability and sensibility testing on the cold and hot cracking appearance

Slobodan Stojadinovic, Nikola Bajic, Jasmina Pekez

Comparative Study of Attitude In the Physical Education

Zynalabedin Fallah, Ali-Mohammad Amirtash, Amir-Ahmad Mozaffari

Identification of self-organization indicators and description of them in Iran Physical Education Organization (IPEO)

Fariba Mohammadian, Seyed Amir Ahmad Mozafari, Nasrin Jazni

Economic indicators of straw briquettes production the case study from Serbia

Vladislav Zekic, Vesna Rodic, Nedeljko Tica, Veljko Vukoje