Volume 5 – Number 4

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Continuous monitoring system in tunnelling

Milan Medved, Milivoj Vulic

Continuing Education and Workforce: The Case of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Ensar Sehic, Amra Rizvic, Boris Tihi

Desktop, web and web2.0 application comparing on the aspect of the realisation possibility the complex user interface

Zoran Lovrekovic, Camil Sukic, Munir Sabanovic

Experimental vibration investigation of an industrial beater wheel mill

Rusmir Bajric, Ninoslav Zuber, Seniha Karic

Applying educational games in primary school education

Danijela Milosevic, Boran Milicevic, Carisa Besic, Maja Bozovic

Developing a modern model of higher education

Nikola Mrvac, Mario Tomisa, Marin Milkovic

Management of family farms – Implementation of Fuzzy method in short-term planning

Otilija Sedlak, Vesna Kocic Vugdelija, Mensura Kudumovic, Carisa Besic, Dejan Đorđevic

Activity Budget of Macaca fascicularis in Botanical Garden Penang, Malaysia

Karimullah, Shahrul Anuar

Mechatronics Education in Vocational Schools in Turkey and Comparative Curriculum Analysis

Çelik Hakan, Akkan Taner

Project Cost Control in Power Engineering and Construction Company

Inela Kudumovic Mukaca, Dzevad Sehic

Important aspects of customer relationship management concept in banking quality

Dejan Stojkovic, Dejan Djordjevic

Improving of sustainable development indicator with special focus on transition countries

Dina Karahasanovic, Armin Avdic, Merima Cinjarevic

Comparison of athlete and non- athlete Junior high school student’s Socialization

Toktam Nemati, Ali Mohammad Amirtash, Bagher Sarokhani

The Relationships among Role Ambiguity, Team Cohesion and Athlete Satisfaction of basketball players

Taher Bahlekeh, Farshad Tojari, Ali Zarei, Farideh Ashraf-Ganjooee, Zynalabedin Fallah

Culture innovation of building enterprises based on WSR

Dezhi Jin, Yingtang Zhou, Junyan Liu, Meigui Han

Some considerations of a criteria dependency problem in multi-criteria decision making

Zoran Nesic, Miroslav Radojicic, Malisa Zizovic

Synthesis and characterization of new Ru (III) complexes with monobasic (NO) and dibasic (ONO) Schiff bases derived from salicylaldehydes

Emira Kahrovic, Shefket Dehari, Dije Dehari, Hysen Reçi, Sabina Begic, Nevzeta Ljubijankic

Research Management in Higher Education: toward a comprehensive Model

Kourosh Fathi Vajargah

The research of the management process of the primary schools headmasters in Serbia

Branislav Egic, Ivan Tasic, Dragana Sajfert

Competitiveness of milk production in Serbia

Popovic Rade, Knezevic Marija, Tosin Milos

The prevalence and frequency distribution of physical disorders in schoolchildren of the primary school “Edhem Mulabdic” in Mededa

Senaida Bisanovic, Suad Sivic, Olivera Batic-Mujanovic

Statistical analysis of the efficiency treatment of wastewater

Sefket Goletic, Nusret Imamovic

Radial stress and deformation of cement stone in the wells

Vladimir Cebasek, Zvonimir Boskovic, Nebojsa Gojkovic, Vladimir Mitrovic

Design Framework for Construction Project Delivery Systems

Huimin Li, Zhuofu Wang, Hongmei Liu

Volunrary killer: modeling the safety following distance contributing to observed traveling fatalities and severities

Kuan-min Chen, Dian-hu Du, Yang-dong Zhao, Yu-long Pei

Inovation of technology of construction of underground mininig workings by use drilling and blasting methods of work

Nebojsa Vidanovic, Dusko Djukanovic, Zlatko Dragosavljevic

Eksternal and Internal Evaluation of the Course „Computer-Aided Design” at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Sarajevo

Isad Saric, Nedzad Repcic, Adil Muminovic, Mirsad Colic

Delivering Countywide Cost-Effective and Better Education Services: The Models of Public Private Partnership (PPP)

Mahmudul Alam, Abu Rashed

Remote monitoring of parameters of uninterruptible power supply systems for telecommunication devices

Vanja Voskresenski, Zeljko Marcicevic, Boban Panajotovic

The influence of modified method of current observations on shortening of production cycle in medium-size companies

Dragisa Radojkovic, Zvonko Sajfert, Milivoj Klarin, Janko Cvijanovic

Software Engineering Interoperable Environment for University Process Workflow and Document Management: Case Study

Bekim Fetaji, Majlinda Fetaji, Dzafer Kudumovic, Camil Sukic