Volume 4 – Number 2

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From projects to joint study programmes in Virtual Space Design

Matevz Juvancic, Michael Mullins, Tadeja Zupancic

Electronic Health Record, utopia or reality? Current state of affairs of Electronic Health Record endeavors in United States

Aneta Predanic, Mladen Predanic

What kind of citizens we need? A critical review on Iranian School curricula

Kourosh Fathi Vajargah

Promoting the significance of knowledge through education in the new society

Mevlud Dudic

Referential SOA Architectures and Models

Jelena Matkovic, Kresimir Fertalj, Damir Kalpic

Some applications of RFID

Camil Sukic

Modelling of the process for providing satisfaction of customer requirements

Carisa Besic, Dejan Djordjevic, Dragan Cockalo

WiMAX Systems

Enes Sukic

Analysis of the processes of management and decision making of the active entrepreneurs as a strategic stability factor of companies

Oliver Momcilovic, Mevlud Dudic, Milan Nikolic, Ninoslav Grbic, Ivana Kostic

The situation and perspectives of organizational culture in serbian companies

Milan Nikolic, Carisa Besic, Zvonko Sajfert, Mirko Savic, Dragan Cockalo

3D Geometric parameter modelling of belt transmissions and transmissions gear

Isad Saric, Nedzad Repcic, Adil Muminovic

Posibilityes for utilization of welded beams during revitalization of objects

Lana Kudumovic, Dzafer Kudumovic, Nevres Mesanovic, Mensura Kudumovic

Experimental examinations of syntheses and physical properties of conducting polymer polyaniline controllably doped with sulfuric acid

Zijad Muharemovic, Izet Gazdic, Dinko Babic

Investigation of Radon in drinking of the North-Eastern region of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Feriz Adrovic, Amela Kasic, Amira Kasumovic, Zejnil Tresnjo

Analyzis and estimation of noise influence in conveyer transport sysitem operation

Amir Brigic, Nadil Berbic, Rasim Kovacevic, Admir Softic