Volume 12 – Number 1

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Management and regulation of mechatronic workstations industrial robot Mitsubishi RV-2AJ
using inductive sensors for sorting of metal and non-metal parts

Mirza Becirovic, Bahrudin Saric, Almir Osmanovic, Elvedin Trakic

Helicopter Emergency Medical Service: the Case of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Alem Kaplan, Kenan Dautovic

Safety coefficient calculations of hoist ropes on excavator MARION – 7400
Dzafer Kudumovic, Sead Delalic, Asmir Demirovic, Asmir Rahmanovic, Edis Lapandic

Correlation between traffic congestion on seasonal variation of vehicles and RSPM levels
at the traffic junctions of Mumbai

Uma Kale, Priyadarshi Sawant

Application of Intelligent Agents and Case Based Reasoning Techniques for Green Software Development
Bokolo Anthony Jnr, Mazlina Abdul Majid, Awanis Romli

Selected plant species with sedative effects and their medicinal use
Broza Saric-Kundalic, Alma Mudrov, Mario Mazic, Zahida Ademovic, Azra Kudumovic, Zarka Halilic Zahirovic, Jasmina Lukic

Using YouTube videos to promote universities: a content analysis
Hiep-Hung Pham, Kelly Farrell, Huyen-Minh Vu, Quan-Hoang Vuong

Globalization, europeanisation business and social policy
Boris Jotevski, Muhamed Hasanovic, Lucano Dautbegovic, Maherah Al-Haimoni, Sanel Cemer

Students’ preferences on basic functionality of e-learning platforms in the context of blended learning
Nikolay Tsankov, Ivo Damyanov