Volume 8 – Number 3
September 1, 2013
Volume 9 – Number 1
March 1, 2014

Volume 8 – Number 4


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Postage Stamps with hidden information in security Z values

Jana Ziljak Vujic, Maja Rudolf, Branka Moric, Martina Friscic

On some lexical and stylistic characteristics of older montenegrin short stories

Sanja Crnogorac

Comparisons of algorithms for image reconstruction in the plane: C with MEX vs. MATLAB

Adis Alihodzic, Nedzad Dukic

Load-bearing capacity of timber member finger-joint connections

Zikica Tekic, Aleksandra Nenadovic, Sasa Djordjevic

Impact of transition on attitudes of young consumers

Vukasin Petrovic, Snezana Kirin, Vladimir Tomasevic, Violeta Talovic, Milan Mitrovic

Invisible information on the transparent polymer food packaging with Infra V/Z technology

Martina Friscic, Olivera Medjugorac, Lidija Tepes, Denis Jurecic

Designing the space for urban regeneration: pros and cons

Tatjana Mrdjenovic, Miodrag Ralevic

Financing the military-industrial complex by the Ministry of defence of the Republic of Serbia

Ivan Milojevic, Drago Cvijanovic, Milan Mihajlovic

Behavior and attitudes about the use of seat belts in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bojan Maric, Marko Subotic, Dejan Andjelkovic, Abid Drobo, Adis Imamovic

Effects of vertical earthquake component on the response of an engineering structure

Danijel Kukaras, Miroslav Besevic, Milan Trifkovic, Goran Pejicic, Tihomir Milutinovic

The use of satellite images to amend the content of topographic maps

Miodrag Regodic, Goran Cirovic, Dragoljub Sekulovic, Sinisa Drobnjak

Application of multidimensional statistics for ranking of insurance companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Ademir Abdic, Rabija Somun – Kapetanovic, Emina Resic, Adem Abdic

Quality control of construction works on the structure of Atlas capital center

Nenad Ivanisevic, Marina Rakocevic, Milos Knezevic, Snezana Rutesic, Bosko Stevanovic

Research of the rock mass influence on the mechanized hydraulic support construction (MHS) for the conditions in the underground mine »Strmosten« RMU »Rembas«

Jovo Miljanovic, Slobodan Majstorovic, Vladimir Malbasic, Drazana Tosic

Differences in the maximum isokinetic strength of lower extremities in elite and sub elite footballers

Eldin Jeleskovic, Haris Alic, Gordana Manic, Predrag Nemec, Dragan Zivotic, Munir Talovic

Research of correlation between reliability and safety factor

Mileta Ristivojevic,Dragan Radovic, Dragan Markovic, Zoran Stamenic, Djordje Jovanovic

Investments in science and technology as the key factors of the economic development

Nebojsa Djokic, Ljiljana Arsic, Borislav Radevic Zoran Milicevic

Effective risk management liquidity and general standards of liquidity

Jovo Jednak, Dejan Jednak, Goran Milosevic, Srdjan Milasinovic, Nedzad Korajlic

Information technology impact on changes in company organizational structure

Zivko Kulic, Goran Milosevic, Srdjan Milasinovic, Zelimir Kesetovic, Slobodan Ristic

An analysis of socially responsible business practice of multinational corporations in Serbia

Marija Petrovic-Randjelovic, Maja Ivanovic-Djukic

The application of technical analysis indicators for the purpose of investment strategy optimization in emerging market

Tomislav Brzakovic, Mirko Borisov, Miodrag Brzakovic

The nature and factors of economic prosperity

Zoran Njegovan, Nikola Njegovan, Drago Cvijanovic

Factors of successful sport event security management

Dejan Ilin, Zoran Milosevic, Nebojsa Maksimovic, Radenko Matic, Zoran Kekovic

Strategic games of banks in the product placement market

Zdenka Dragasevic, Svetlana Rakocevic

Specifics, problems and prospects of innovations in Serbia

Zivota Radosavljevic, Maja Andjelkovic, Milan Radosavljevic, Dragana Radosavljevic

Analysis of the leadership approach in HIP Petrohemija

Slobodan Adzic, Branko Djedovic, Bosko Nadoveza, Nikola Ugrcic

Engineering management as a base and paradigm of competitiveness in industry

Branko Djedovic, Bosko Nadoveza, Rade Knezevic

Calculating the gender inequality index: example of Serbia

Olgica Boskovic, Emilija Manic, Nikola Njegovan

Value network of cloud computing service ecosystem

Imre Petkovic, Djerdji Petkovic, Aleksandra Tesic, Edin Suljovic

Modeling and simulation of a complex hybrid electrical vehicle

Dragoljub Radonjic, Zoran Marjanovic, Radomir Brzakovic

Quantitative approach to economic effects’ analysis considering electronic waste recycling

Jelena Stankovic, Marija Andjelkovic Pesic, Dragana Radenkovic Jocic, Bruno Bojic, Boban Stojanovic

A new model of economic growth and development of Republic of Serbia

Radmilo Nikolic, Aleksandra Fedajev, Zvonko Damnjanovic, Dejan Riznic, Predrag Ranisavljevic

Gray economy and tax evasion in Serbia

Aleksandar M. Gajic, Mirjana I. Stevanovic, Milorad S. Gajic

The impact of social and demographic factors on management styles in sport organizations

Edita Kastratovic, Milan Dragic, Goran Kvrgic, Branislav Masic, Sandra Nesic

Causality and weak solutions of stochastic differential equations with applications

Dragana Valjarevic, Ljiljana Petrovic, Aleksandar Valjarevic, Jasmina Jovanovic, Dragan Radovanovic

Macroeconomic stability and competitiveness of the Republic of Serbia

Radmilo Nikolic, Aleksandra Fedajev, Zvonko Damnjanovic, Dejan Riznic

Analysis of contributions as the primary source of funding compulsory social insurance in Serbia

Mirjana I. Stevanovic, Aleksandar Gajic, Dragan Mihajlovic, Milorad S. Gajic

Impact of security protocols on performance in IEEE 802.11 wireless networks

Dejan Tepsic, Mladen Veinovic, Aleksandar Miskovic, Slavisa Nikolic

Responsibility of participants for public procurement regularity

Mirjana Knezevic, Zaklina Spalevic, Milorad Bejatovic, Ivanka Spasic, Milan Pocuca

Difficulties encountered in defining and measuring intellectual capital

Marian Socoliuc, Veronica Grosu, Elena Hlaciuc, Dorel Mates, Ionel Bostan,Ovidiu Bunget, Maria Moraru

Web based education for power electronics supported with animations

Korhan Kayisli

Interactive multimedia as new teaching strategy in the course of programmable logic devices

Kristijan Kuk, Ivan Milentijevic, Dejan Rancic, Petar Spalevic, Marko Smilic, Zoran Trajcevski

Sensitivity analysis of fractional programming models

Marija Cileg, Tibor Kis, Otilija Sedlak

Drivers of unpleasant experiences in virtual social network context

Milan Okanovic, Milos Milosavljevic, Slavica Cicvaric Kostic, Tamara Vlastelica Bakic

Modelling insurance losses using inverse Gaussian and log-normal distribution mixture

Jelena Kocovic, Vesna Rajic, Samed Karovic, Mihailo Kocovic, Marija Jovovic

A rational approach to the acquisition, valuation and holding of assets

Xi-Ping Ao, Roger Collins

The differences in isokinetic potential of knee extensor and flexor in footbalers within different competition categories

Haris Alic, Eldin Jeleskovic, Gordana Manic, Izet Bajramovic, Ekrem Colakhodzic, Ifet Mahmutovic

Measurements SO2 , NOx and smoke in large cities countries in transition

Dragana Vidakovic, Milovan Vukovic, Veljko Radicevic, Dragan Jovanovic, Miroslav Piljusic

Comparative analysis of research on work-related problems of occupational safety specialist in Croatia and Serbia

Snezana Zivkovic, Josip Taradi, Milisa Todorovic

Ecological aspects of aluminium usage in contemporary building industry

Uros Vesic, Darija Gajic

Research of economic efficiency of innovations in the Republic of Serbia

Zivota Radosavljevic, Dragana Radosavljevic, Milan Radosavljevic, Maja Andjelkovic, Edita Kastratovic

Automatic obtaining of the strut-and-tie models for RC plane elements

Anka Starcev-Curcin, Andrija Raseta, Zoran Brujic

Analysis of fuel bed height on a grate and its relation with flue gas temperatures at the furnace end and steam temperature at evaporator outlet

Midhat Osmic, Sead Delalic, Dzafer Kudumovic, Indira Buljubasic

Cloud computing – development and implementation opportunities in Serbia

Jovica Djurkovic, Jelica Trninic

Influence of the specific sliding work on tribological parameters of friction linings for heavy vehicle clutches

Darko Danev, Milan Kjosevski, Simeon Simeonov

Risk management in insurance

Zdravko Petrovic, Aleksandra Tesic, Natasa Mrvic Petrovic

A review of research on leader dispositions of the gifted

Radovan Grandic, Jovana Milutinovic, Milena Stipic

Epistemology and producing cultural memory in epos: Possibility of inter-epos poem in Ivan Mazuranic’s Smrt Smail Age Cengica

Amila Kahrovic-Posavljak

Economic effects of investing in conventional and organic agriculture

Jelena Birovljev, Nenad Djokic, Biljana Cetkovic

Effectiveness of integrated enterprise information systems education program

Ognjen Pantelic, Ana Pajic, Dragana B. Vujaklija, Mirko Vujosevic

Environmental assessment of buildings: methodology for developing a national system

Saja Kosanovic, Milica Jovanovic – Popovic

Outside-in strategy approach in theory and praxis

Slobodan Adzic, Nenad Markovic, Snezana Milosevic, Marija Milosevic