Volume 8 – Number 3

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Marking of the camouflage uniform for visual and near infrared spectrum

Ivana Z. Stanimirovic, Jana Z. Vujic, Nikolina Stanic Loknar

Cost model in function of optimal capacity planning of port container terminal

Zdenka Zenzerovic, Sinisa Vilke, Natasa Antonini

Innovative solution for additional control of slide bearings in production line

Marina B. Mijanovic Markus, Darko Skupnjak

Picture information in expanded color management from visual to near infrared spectral domain

Jana Z. Vujic, Ana Agic, Nikolina Stanic Loknar

Modelling of optical dot gain by means of Monte Carlo method in press

Petar Miljkovic, Krunoslav Hajdek, Damir Modric

Virtual reality and geographic information systems integration for radar coverage prediction

Aleksandar Dimitrijevic, Dejan Rancic, Petar Spalevic, Aleksandar Milosavljevic, Aleksandar Kostic

Ensuring Quality of Service in IP network using DiffServ architecture

Alem Colakovic, Samir Causevic, Dzafer Kudumovic, Adisa Haskovic, Belma Memic

Sarajevo airport noise monitoring

Muharem Sabic, Elvedin Begic, Nermin Zijadic

Using the gravity and potential models in determining nodal systems on example of region North Eastern Bosnia

Fadila Kudumovic Dostovic, Alma Kadusic

Determination of statistical representatives of the child population for new car crash safety evaluation

Iztok Noc, Joze Flasker, Marko Kegl, Iztok Ciglaric

Does ISO 9001:2008 continue to blur the purpose of conformity standardisation? An analysis from the operations strategy perspective

Borut Rusjan, Pavel Castka

Crucial elements of new product development management

Radoljub Tomic, Zivota Radosavljevic, Edita Kastratovic, Velimir Scekic, Milan Radosavljevic, Suzana Pajic

Potential for research excellence of countries in transition: delusions or possibility

Milan Radosevic, Bojan Matic, Borislav Samardzic, Nebojsa Stupar, Vladimir Todorovic, Dragan Ilic

Strategic marketing for labor markets from the gender point of view – the case of Serbia

Svetlana Mihic, Ibrahim Okanovic, Aleksandar Andrejevic

Application of 3D animation principles and tools in geometrical education

Biljana Jovic, Natasa Teofilovic, Aleksandar Cucakovic, Miodrag Nestorovic

The analyze of development anthropology with an emphasis on morphological characteristics of pupils who finished primary school education

Benida Pljakic, Branko Krsmanovic, Tijana Scepanovic, Enver Medjedovic, Ahmet Medjedovic, Ognjen Krsmanovic, Sabina Zejnelagic

Analysis of the driver’s body behaviour at frontal collision of vehicle to solid barrier

Zoran Josevski, Stoimko Zlatkovski, Nikolce D.Talevski

An example of decision support systems and its improvement by using a Web environment

Fadil Novalic, Faruk Selimovic, Dzemail Zornic, Semsudin Plojovic, Mensura Kudumovic

Gearbox loading capacity identification based on reliability

Miroslav Milutinovic, Relja Mirovic, Spasoje Trifkovic, Nebojsa Radic

Causes of soil degradation in Bosnia and Herzegovina and soil protection measures

Mihajlo Markovic, Zoran Lukac

Activity based costing and throughput accounting in the function of making business decisions

Ljilja Antic, Tadija Djukic, Tatjana Stevanovic, Jelena Stankovic, Bruno Bojic, Elvedin Grabovica

Procedure and method of determing lost profits due to inability to use motor vehicle

Esef Dzafic

The impact of lean concept tools on effectiveness and efficiency of the overhaul process of technical systems

Bogdan Maric, Ranko Bozickovic, Milos Sorak

Impact of clearance on the residual lifetime of transmission elements

M.Z. Damjanovic, R.M. Durkovic, V. Duboka, R.M. Bulatovic

Safety assessment of Android Operating System

Miroslav Cajic, Bogdan Brkic, Marko Sarac, Sasa Adamovic, Mladen Veinovic

Investigation of vehicle drivetrain loading as the wheel passes over a pavement irregularity

Sreten Simovic, Aleksandra Jankovic , Fuad Klisura

Lobbying and channels of groups effects in European Union extension

Mehmed Avdagic, Aleksandra Pusara, Milorad Pusara, Dzevada Avdagic, Maja Radic, Muamer Dzinovic

The analysis of use of ANFO explosives in the mine “Sase”

Slobodan Majstorovic, Vladimir Malbasic, Jovo Miljanovic, Drazana Tosic

Probability erorr determination in Diracs function (signal) in the applying of variatin calculus

Fatih Destovic, Ramiz Vugdalic, Ismet Kalco

Anthropological dimensions as predictors of a competition efficiency in elite carate athletes

Zarko Kostovski, Branimir Mikic, Georgi Georgiev, Nina Djukanovic, Vulnet Ameti,Zoran Masic

Regulatory framework distribution of high definition television channels in the western Balkan countries

Zaklina Spalevic, Zoran Trajcevski, Zeljko Bjelajac, Milan Pocuca, Dusko Dimitrijevic

Effects of correlation curve while moving data through memory registers during software implementation of cryptographic algorithms in smart cards

Milena Djukanovic

Valorising the port areas of Croatian ports open to traffic of county and local standing for nautical tourism activities

Mirjana Kovacic, Srecko Favro, Cedomir Dundovic

Investigation of concave cupolae based polyhedral structures and their potential application in architecture

Marija Obradovic, Slobodan Misic, Branislav Popkonstantinovic, Maja Petrovic, Branko Malesevic, Ratko Obradovic

The impact of glass as a building material on the natural environment

Darija Gajic, Uros Vesic

The Borda algorithm application for risk assessment in humanitarian demining

Samed Karovic, Milenko Andric, Srdjan T. Mitrovic, Bojan Zrnic, Slobodan Ristic

Average fade duration of dual SIR based selection diversity over k-µ fading channel in the presence of cochannel interference

Milos Peric, Dusan Stefanovic, Caslav Stefanovic, Dragana Pavlovic, Dejan Milic, Mihajlo Stefanovic

Valorization of natural and anthropogenic tourist potentials in undeveloped regions of transition countries

Zeljko Bjeljac, Jovana Brankov, Dobrica Jovicic, Nevena Curcic, Aleksandra Terzic

Research of the development and presence level of corporate social responsibility in the Republic of Srpska

Miladin Jovicic, Biljana Kovacevic, Drazen Jovanovic, Arsen Tesic

Maintenance planning of btr system belt conveyors using a model based on reliability and maintenance costs

Dragan Milosevic, Ljubisa Josimovic,Tomislav Petrov, Zivoslav Adamovic

Effect of budget deficit financing in transition countries

Erika Malesevic, Danilo Lucic, Milos Pjanic, Jelena Djurasinovic, Nada Milenkovic

Development of a new front-wheel drive slipping control system using programming control of engine torque

Ivan Dundjerski, Veljko Dundjerski

Consequences of crisis effects on business continuity

Adil Kurtic, Sead Omercevic

Clusters contribution to strengthening of agricultural producers’ innovative potentials in countries in transition

Vesna Parausic, Aleksandra Nikolic, Drago Cvijanovic, Jonel Subic, Dragomir Djordjevic

Passenger railway in Serbia – state of the art and potential

Zdenka Popovic, Leposava Puzavac, Luka Lazarevic

The effects of different exercise workloads on the cardiovascular response between judokas and nonathletes

Izet Radjo, Vuk Stevanovic, Igor Beretic, Danilo Radanovic, Zoran Galovic, Husnija Kajmovic

Theoretical analysis of natural and anthropogenic values of Novi Pazar area

Selim Sacirovic, Ivan Filipovic, Mila Pavlovic, Vidoje Stefanovic, Vukasin Susic, Aleksandar Radivojevic

GIS as a tool for susteinibelity managment of waste disposal sites

Goran Vizintin, Nina Juresic, Milivoj Vulic

Management in a digital environment – the example of Montenegrin companies

Dijana Kovacevic

Urban regeneration: questioning the subject

Tatjana Jovan Mrdjenovic

Using innovative valorization of anthracite to get to clean water

Velimir Scekic, Rade Knezevic, Radoljub Tomic, Sava Smiljic, Zoran Cekerevac

Attachment to model research for the choice of informational system according to company profile

Ljiljana Pecic, Rodoljub Tomic, Dejan Pecic, Bruno Bojic

Technological efficiency of solar energy absorption by concentrating collectors

Velimir Scekic, Radoljub Tomic, Rade Knezevic, Sanja Mikic, Zoran Cekerevac

Asisstive technology and autism

Mirjana Djordjevic, Slobodan Bankovic, Bojan Ducic

Experimental verification method of ROPS structure

Ismet Derdemez, Milomir Gasic, Mile Savkovic, Rados Pantic

Economic performance and the size of small scale dairy farms in hilly and mountainous area 

Grujica Vico, Zoran Rajic, Borko Sorajic, Vesna Milic, Tatjana Pandurevic, Aleksandra Govedarica Lucic

Effect of greenfield investment versus merges and acquisitions on economic growth

Safet Kurtovic, Milenko Dzeletovic, Milenko Stefanovic

Mutually effect of a super-sonic turbulent two-phase jet with a solid plane wall

Hranislav Milosevic, D. Petkovic, D. Djosic

Methods for determination weights in multi-criteria model of cities certification

Milan Randjelovic, Jelena Stankovic, Dragan Randjelovic, Milija Suknovic

Strategic management aspects of resilience in telecommunication companies

Goran Markovic, Maja Dabetic, Miladin Stefanovic, Aleksandar Aleksic, Ivan Savovic, Snezana Nestic

The influence of speed on traffic safety – research on drivers’ perceptions

Tihomir Djuric, Djordje Popovic

Teamwork as a prerequisite for optimal response to multi-criteria requirements of the global market

Ljiljana Pecic, Bruno Bojic, Fuad Klisura

Potential of High-Tech entrepreneurs in the Alps Adriatic region – An empirical survey

Marija T. Semmelrock-Picej

Multimodal regional railway terminals, functional and shape advantages for urban matrix

Ksenija Stevanovic, Milica Pajkic

Bioimpedance body structure reliability measured in different stature position

Milivoj Dopsaj, Dragana Kljajic, Fadilj Eminovic, Marina Djordjevic-Nikic, Vladimir Ilic

Exploratory research on ethical aspects of creative accounting

Vule Mizdrakovic, Vladimir Dzamic, Gordana Gasmi, Danka Stefanovic