Volume 5 – Number 2
June 1, 2010
Volume 5 – Number 4
December 1, 2010

Volume 5 – Number 3


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Dynamic Control for Resource Leveling in Project Network Planning

Liu Xun, Wang Zhuo-Fu

Fatigue behavior of fiber reinforced self-compacting concrete under flexural load

Jun Cai, Hongdao Jiang, Yeran Zhu, Dong Wang

Contemporary Maintenance Management of Power Plant Life Exhaustion Components

Vera Sijacki Zeravcic, Gordana Bakic, Milos Đukic, Dragomir Markovic, Bratislav Rajicic

Defining the legality of gray sandstone rock strength testing in a complex state of stress

Milenko Ljubojev, Ratomir Popovic, Melvudin Avdic, Lidija Đurđevac Ignjatovic, Vesna Ljubojev

Rebound effect as a measure of energy efficiency

Sandra Martinovic, Aleksandar Knezevic

Cement sheath integrity control during well life

Zvonimir Boskovic, Vladimir Cebasek, Vladimir Mitrovic, Slobodan Stanic

Potentiality of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina from aspect of multipurpose use of mineral, thermal and thermomineral waters

O. Krunic, S. Parlic, M. Jovanovic

Innovations of companies in Serbia

Branimir Pavla Inic, Marko R. Milutinovic, Andrej Jergovic, Aleksandra Vucelja

Promotion of Environmental Protetcion in the Danube River Basin

Svetlana Mihic, Ibrahim Okanovic, Milan Mihajlovic

Use of bulk operation to speed up queries

Zdravko Ivankovic, Branko Markoski, Miodrag Ivkovic, Dragica Radosav, Ivana Berkovic

Tangential stress in the well in the casing – cement stone – formation system

Vladimir Cebasek, Zvonimir Boskovic, Nebojsa Gojkovic, Vladimir Mitrovic

Influence of the hydraulic engineering construction in the upper reaches on the eco-environmental flow of the middle-lower reaches of the Yangtze River – based on the improved SWAT model

Zhang Nan, Xia Ziqiang, Jiang Hong, Huang Feng

Experimental determination of shear strength elements of the samples by in situ measurements and by barton and inclined plane method, followed by results analyses for “Tajmiste” mine

Miroslav Ignjatovic, Snezana Ignjatovic, Radoje Pantovic

The policy of rural development and agro-environmental protection in the Western Balkan countries and European union – comparative analysis

Koviljko Lovre, Stanislav Zekic, Milivoj Gajic

Voluntary killer: multivariate highway geometric factors contributing to crashes and collisions in china’s mountainous regions

Yong-Gang Wang, Kuan-Min Chen, Li-Wei Hu, Yu-Long Pei

Geomechanical laboratory conditions of rock fracture

Ratomir Popovic, Milenko Ljubojev, Dragan Ignjatovic, Vesna Ljubojev, Lidija Đurđevac Ignjatovic

Software solution for monitoring changes of database elements

Dragan Vukic, Sasa D. Lazarevic

Media practice – influences and compromises or creative response to auditorium requirements?

Mirjana Kovacevic, Branislav Egic

The efficiency of nonprofit organizations

Janko M. Cvijanovic, Carisa Besic, Zvonko Sajfert, Zeljko Grujcic, Jelena Lazic

CRM concept role in competitiveness capability of western Balkan countries

Dejan Stojkovic

Adoption of the law on integrated circuit topography

Ismet Alija

Impact of the individual and combined therapy using non-steroidal anti-inflammatory analgesics and corticosteroids on the size of the post-surgery swelling after surgical removal of the impacted mandibular third molar

Edin Selimovic, Lejla Ibrahimagic-Seper, Hajrudin Skender

The impact of the crisis on financial reporting, accounting and auditing

Serif Sabovic, Slavomir Miletic, Sejla Sabovic

Competitive benchmarking of Iranian construction companies management performance

Parviz Ghoddousi, Hamed Yavari, Mohammad reza Hosseini

Strategy, entrepreneurship, management and leadership

D. Jovanovic, M. Nikolic, M. Savic, Z. Sajfert, R. Đakovic

The relationship between leadership styles with conflict management strategies among Iran footsal pro-leagues coaches

Hamid Janani, Fereadon Tondnevis, Seyed Amir Ahmad Mozafari Mozaffari, Zynalabedin Fallah

Cluster as a factor improving competitiveness small and medium enterprises in Serbia

Sanja Stanisavljev, Dragan Cockalo, Natasa Đuricic, Miro Bozic