Education and training of personnel in the field of waste management in PUC “Mediana” Nis

Ljubica Stojkovic1, Ivan Mihajlovic1, Dragoslav Pavlovic2

1. Publish utility company” Mediana “, Nis, Serbia,

2. Elektrodistribushion, Nis, Serbia.


The sector of human resources management of the Company requires an approach that corresponds to the number and structure of employees. Human resource management policy requires long-term technological and financial investments, which results in increased competitiveness. On the other hand, the structure of the company’s employees enables a significant degree of efficiency increase and finding measures to improve the company’s operations, through education and training . The main goal of the work is the identification and analysis of the existing practice of waste management through the employees of the company, but also the selection of a new sustainable technology for converting waste into energy using Plasma technology. The paper is based on the research of a sample of 132 out of a total of 1073 employees in the Company.
Keywords: employee education, waste-to-energy, electricity


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Corresponding Author
Ljubica Stojkovic,
Publish utility company “Mediana”,