Volume 9 – Number 4

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Basic PHP implementations, opcodes and internal work

Alen Simec, Davor Lozic

Behavioral Categories of Free Ranging Monkeys in Taiping Zoo Perak, Malaysia

Karim Karimullah, Shahrul Anuar, Hafiz Mohd Bakhsh

Techniques and strategies to improve efficiency in teaching English reading

Gudino-Bazaldua Javier, Rodriguez-Hernandez Vicente, Espino-Gudino Ma del Carmen, Gonzalez-Perez Jose Luis

Connecting two images on the postage stamp with infrared protection

Jana Ziljak Vujic, Ivana Z. Stanimirovic, Ana Hoic

Preparatory activities for the successful implementation of the methodology for after sales support to customers in the tqm system

Nako Taskov, Elizabeta Mitreva, Julijana Sazdova, Darko Barishic, Dejan Metodijeski

Decision Making when Purchasing Room Products on the Internet: Analysis Using an Analytical Hierarchy Process Method

Wu-Chung Wu

Optimization models as a function of organizational-economic and environmental determinants of a project

Ozrislava Milinkovic, Snezana Trmcic, Mladen Milinkovic, Marko Trmcic

Management and implementation of continuing education in blood bank: results of five years of experience (2008-2012) at Blood Center of Zhejiang Province

Dai Bing, Meng Zhonghua, Zhu Faming, Lv Hangjun

The Water Licensing Management System in the Yellow River

Nan Zhang, Hong Jiang

The influence of knowledge management on organizational performance

Lau King Nim, Lo May Chiun, T. Ramayah

A Preliminary Review: Knowledge Chain for the Effective Facilities Management Strategies

Maszuwita Abd Wahab, Syahrul-Nizam Kamaruzzaman

Modelling: Determinant of the Teaching Methods that Influence the Acquisition of Employability Skills of Mechanical Engineering Trades at Technical College Level

Audu Rufai, Yusri Bin Kamin, Aede Hatib Bin Musta’amal, Muhammad Sukri Bin Saud

Collapsed Concept Map Game: An Innovative Online Formative Knowledge Assessment Method

R. Kumar, S. Poonkuzhali, R. Kishore Kumar, K. Sarukesi, G. V. Uma

Integration of PE Corridor Vc in Transport EUNetwork (TEN-T)

Srecko Krec, Samir Causevic, Josip Golubic

An Analysis of Human Resource Process in a Small cap IT industry Using Fuzzy data mining approach

K. Yamuna, Suriya Narayanan

Adaptation of Mother Child Negligence Scale to Turkish

Neslihan Durmusoglu Saltali, Emel Arslan, S. Sunay Yildirim Dogru

A Hands-on Approach based Courseware on Network Packet Filtering for Information Security Education

Zouheir Trabelsi

An empirical study on retail service quality in apparel specialty store

R. Somasundaram, N. Prakash, V. Krishnamoorthy

Education Policy and Plan for Electronic Textbooks in Schools

HeeJeong Jasmine Lee, Kok-Lim Alvin Yau

Calculation of axial flux permanent magnet synchronous machine characteristics by solving Maxwell’s equations

Peter Virtic

Preschool Cognitive Skills Learning Through Knowledge Based Application: An empirical Study

Muhammad Azeem Abbas, Wan Fatimah Wan Ahmad, Khairul Shafee Kalid

Trend of situational efficiency in top level superheavy weight K-1 fighters from 1993 to 2004

Safet Kapo, Amel Mekic, Anida Kapo, Mehdija Cutuk, Haris Cutuk

The simple model for student knowledge estimation through game environment

Nebojsa Djordjevic, Dzenan Avdic, Edin Dolicanin, Kristijan Kuk, Dejan Rancic