Contemporary city as an organism –green city strategies

Leila Krivosic
International University of Sarajevo,Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Abstract The modern city is the residence of various organisams. Therefore, the city becomes an organisam that has a metabolism. This metabolism creates waste that is fatal so the city becomes both a criminal and a victim. Although quiet and shy, the idea of developing a green city began as early as the late nineteenth century; the self-sustainability of cities, viewed through the prism of today as the technology and possibilities of the modern age, is a popular topic in the last few decades. This paper looks into with the issue of green city, green urbanism a s well as self-sustainability. Demonstrated through the classification of degradation, history, vision and principles, the paper gives examples of the possibilities and achievements that a green city has.
Key words : green city, self-sustainable city, eco city, sustainable urbanization


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Corresponding Author
Leila Krivosic,
International University of Sarajevo,
Bosnia and Herzegovina,